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first slit...

hope i dont freak ne1 out here....enjoy....

the night is the same as any other...the moon shining brightly as it peeks through the softly hits my pillow & beams off the shiny little blade that lies next to my pillow...the blade that is yearns to slit his skin. i await for him to come again for i know he will...he always does. he lies next to me...and i am ready for him this time. i am strong this time. a shiver is sent down my spine as i feel his sickened hand on me...slithering down my body...his touch makes my stomach knot and my heat clench. my hand slowly reaches for the shiny pointed blade...feeling the cool sharp tip as i hold it in my palms. the moistness within my hand heart beats faster...his hand slowly reaching closer and closer...i hold his arm...he smiles...i can feel his smile...yet, he will not be smiling for long. soon i will be the one who smiles. i can feel the evil within...the darkness as it overcomes me...pushing what little innocence i had back & sealing her inside where she can do nothing but watch as the evil harms him...finally taking the revenge that she so willingly deserves...that i need. that i yearn for. i reach for his hand & pull it closer to me...his arm cold...the veins slowly pumping faster & faster as his arm out reaches towards quick slit & i hear a gasp. his face is paralyzed. his body motionless...only the crimson red blood that pours from the cut shows that he is still living. i can feel the slight relievement inside as i watch him in his misery & horror. a small grin slithers across my face & i know that it is still not the end. i pull his arm out once again & watch as he tries to struggle...i press the blade to his skin & rapidly force it against his skin. i repeatedly strike him & smile brighter. the pain inside is finally his to have. all of these times he smiled and i did not...has been reversed. i know that the innocence is smiling as well...i can feel her...even if it is the lightest smile, she is happy...i am happy...he slowly stumbles off my bed...trying to keep his balance as he wallows as he walks towards the door...the soft pitter patter of the blood as it slowly drips and hits the floor. i watch him as he walks away...finally...revenge has been sought & taken. but i know that it is not over...for she wants more. she wants him to pay...for all of the years she has been put into misery & shame...she wants him to feel the same.

love always
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